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ORGGA offers hand-crafted effective natural skincare using purely natural & organic ingredients sourced from all around the world. We believe that, by using quality natural and organic ingredients in our product, we are able to creates a magical touch and a healthy vibrant glow on your skin. Our botanical ingredients act as a natural anti-oxidants agent, rejuvenates and maintains the vitality of your skin perceivable to your olfactory delight and organic sense. We serve transparency as we understand our customers has the right to know all the ingredients  that we have incorporated in our products.

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we believe, by using quality natural and organic ingredients in our skincare product, we are able to create a magical touch and a healthy vibrant glow on your skin.

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  • Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Pure & Cold Pressed Oils
  • Steam Distilled Pure Essential Oils

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  • Alcohol, Hydroquinone, Mercury
  • SLS, Paraben, Sulfates
  • Synthetic Preservative, Synthetic colouring & fragrance.

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The idea of ORGGA’s visions are made with nature in mind. It was made for those who seek an effective skincare product made by pure and natural ingredients. We’ve done a lot of comprehensive research and studies on each ingredients that we used to ensure the effectiveness of our product. Besides, we would like to break the stigma that “Natural skincare doesn’t work or natural skincare takes time to show results”. We also source our ingredients from all around the world, from Italy, England, United states to the middle east. We strongly believe that skincare made from pure and natural ingredients are the best that our skin deserves.

Be gorgeous, By nature! For more info on how ORGGA was born, click here to read the letter from our creator.

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ORGGA is a potion like no other, hand crafted with a mixture of potent natural ingredients to evoke the benefits for your skin. We entrusted our products with care from bottle’s materials up to its contents. Handled with care and delicately crafted.

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Moringa leaf – Dubbed as “plant of the year” by National Institute of Health of America in 2008, it contains excellent source of protein, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and vitamin C. The benefits ranging from enhance collagen production, anti-aging, hydrating and pH balance, diminish bruises and blemishes, detox skin layers, treat acne as well as protecting against sun damage. Pssssttt….We have them in our Bacca Bliss cleanser.