The secret of Orgga...

lies in the harmonious combination of both mainstream and rare botanical ingredients. We source our ingredients from multiple places around the world to ensure that we get the best and potent ingredients in our product. The result is – A natural power skincare range that regenerate, revitalise and strengthen your skin barrier, as well as solving Dullness and Uneven skin tone in just 2 weeks.

ORGGA skincare

is a brainchild of Zaza Zainal, a very passionate natural skincare enthusiast. With a strong support from her husband, Ibnul Farid, this power couple have created a range of Natural & Organic skincare by the name of ORGGA under Zaza, Farid & Dotters Sdn. Bhd. ORGGA made the first appearance to the public in August 2018 through online platforms, trade expos and exhibition. ORGGA’s mission is to be the first Malaysia’s skincare brand that offers the best quality all-natural and organic ingredients comparable to international skincare brands.

The idea of ORGGA’s visions are made with nature in mind. It was made for those who seek an effective skincare product made by pure and natural ingredients. We have done a comprehensive research and studies on each ingredients that we used to ensure that we are able to deliver the best products to the consumers.

Besides, we would like to break the stigma that “Natural skincare doesn’t work or natural skincare takes time to show results.”

We believe by using quality natural and organic ingredients in our product, we are able to create a magical touch on your skin for a healthy, beautiful and naturally glowing skin.

We carefully source our ingredients from all around the world to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our product. Majority of our ingredients are from United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, Europe, China and Malaysia. We strongly believe that skincare made from pure and natural ingredients are the best that our skin deserves. We serve transparency as we understand that our customers has the right to know each and every ingredients that we have incorporated in our products.


Natural & Organic Ingredients: Pure & Cold Pressed botanical oils, Steam distilled essential oils, Flowers, Fruits, Grains, Clays, Love, Care and Passion.


Alcohol, Mineral oils, Hydroquinone, Mercury, SLS, Paraben, Synthetic Preservative, Synthetic Colouring & Fragrance and any harmful chemicals.