Clay for Skin: Natural Agent that will Nourish Your Skin

Bacca Bliss and French Rose is a new versatile product that has been formulated with such ingredients. I’ve tried it myself and oh my god, it is so gentle on the skin and helps with rosacea too! Both help with keeping the oil levels on check, leaving your skin supple and clean. It comes in an easy flip bottle that makes it so travel-convenient. I was definitely in love with the smell too. A beautiful mix of the colloidal oatmeal and the clay make them a multi-purpose cleanser cum face mask. It is important to have a clay mask on once a week to detoxify and replenish the skin. It helps in removing the dirt and rest your skin for the next round. So ladies, choose your organic skincare wisely. Love.]]>

One thought on “Clay for Skin: Natural Agent that will Nourish Your Skin

  1. syuhada says:

    I’m in love with Orgga cleansing powder. I actually hate mask with clay because it makes my face tight and dry. but yours are different. My skin feel soft and supple after cleansing. Thank you Orgga 🙂

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